Your revenue directly depends on the Ad-Tech you're using. Magnet's Ad technology, among other things, includes user behavior identification algorithms which guarantees an increase in publishers' revenue.

Magnet, by using smart targeting, has gotten the best outcomes, which has resulted in the best revenues for the publishers. Our smart targeting includes time, geo, content, device, OS, mobile carrier and etc.

Monetize More

One of the most effective methods in digital advertising, especially in mobile, is re-targeting the users who have interacted with your previous ads.

After running your first campaign in Magnet and collecting the primary data of your customers, you can run another campaign targeting only those who have had any kind of interaction with your brand, thus significantly increasing the effectiveness of your next campaign.

Multiple Ad Formats

It doesn't matter what your specialty is. You may be an Android, iOS or web developer.

Magnet supports any platform.

Supporting Multiple Platforms

One of the most important features of Magnet is how easy it is to use. You can implement our ads in the easiest way possible without being forced to change anything basic in your application or website. You just have to join Magnet's Publishers and use the guide provided for you to implement our ads.

Plus, you can access your revenue faster. After your account reaches a minimum of 50 thousand Tomans, the payment will be made to you till the 25th of the following month.

Easy-to-use and quick access to your monetization

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