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Magnet In Figures

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Access to 36,000,000 million unique Iranian users

Four Steps To Achieve Yours Desired Goal ...


The first step in any job is the idea behind it. Our creative ideas will help you reach beyond your expectations.


By using Magnet's capabilities you can reach your target audiences at the right place and the right time.


In online advertising your ad files are referred to as "Creatives". We can provide you with multiple creative formats (Banner, Interstitial, Video, etc.) to get the best results in your campaigns.


Having exact data about your progress the key advantages which is only available in online advertising. Our real time stats and diverse reports will help you make the right decisions.

Our Ad Formats

Trusted By ...

  • Huawei
  • Digikala
  • Irancel
  • Mobinnet
  • Moalem Insurance
  • Netbarg
  • Eligasht
  • Taghche
  • Modiseh
  • Safar Me
  • Bamilo
  • Aio

Grow Your Business


We can help you find your target audience and increase the effectiveness of your advertisements by using our diverse ad formats.


By implementing our easy-to-use ads, maximize your media's monetization. With our smart ad technology, we can provide you a better ad experience for your users and have higher user durability.

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